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Let's create the best possible media experience for your audience.

We deliver the best possible media experience for your audience while making the process of getting your video content online as easy as possible for you.

We keep innovating and investing into research & development to harden our assets and build better solutions.

Our experienced team of motivated and talented IT professionals will always provide you with the best possible results in a timely manner.

We continuously work on improving our skills, as we do not believe that what we did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.

Company Bio

Katapy delivers consumer-facing digital media streaming solutions to any company with media distribution intent. Services include video hosting & streaming as well as application and channel build-out for all platforms to deliver a cohesive user experience across all devices. With Katapy, you can let your digital audience watch your video content on their own time, and on any device they choose, while keeping full control over your content selection, your consumer engagement, monetization strategy, and your analytics. Help your audience get the most out of your content on their smart TV, OTT device, tablet, smartphone or computer with your own digital streaming media service powered by Katapy.

Katapy delivers the best possible media experience for your audience while making the process of getting your video content online as easy as possible for you. With Katapy, you get a similar consumer experience to what Netflix, Amazon Video, and Hulu offer to their subscribers, coupled with an extensive end-to-end onboarding, curation, and delivery process that simplifies your digital distribution workflow. Katapy fully integrates into your existing media asset management system, offering both live and stored media workflows from content to consumer, on all screens. Katapy is unique in its ability to offer an all-inclusive media distribution solution to any company with an unparalleled quality of service that was not achievable before, without years of custom development and outrageous budget.

Your audience is ready! Are you? Get started today with your own branded & monetizable digital streaming media service with Katapy.

Re-Think Digital Media Distribution.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you get your content online fast and easily, while removing the struggle of dealing with new technology.

Our Goal

Our goal is to expand our targeted video distribution service offerings to enable everyone, large or small, to distribute and monetize their video assets through the latest in digital outlets on a global basis.

Our History

2007-2011 - Katapy's Multi-Channel Video Distribution Platform (MVDP) started in 2007 as a generic Online Video Platform (OVP) for any enterprise.

2011-2015 - In 2011, the platform was branded as Miracle Media TV targeting mainly Christian broadcasters globally.

2015- - Rebranded to Katapy in 2015, the platform has grown into a holistic cloud based broadcaster platform with global reach.

Katapy is commited to excellence, from our outstanding customer service and customer focus to our highly scalable and reliable video distribution platform, our staff truly focuses on your needs.

Company Values

Customers For Life - Our customers will distinguish Katapy as their best present and future OVP solution and service provider.

Accountability - Katapy's daily activities are aligned with achieving results, we set clear expectations within our direct and extended team and follow through with our promises.

Consistency - Our clients can be assured of fair and consistent service and pricing. Katapy is committed to policies that ensure equality for all our clients.

Innovation - We will embrace new and better technologies as they become available. We will welcome change as an opportunity. The status quo can be challenged.

Global Vision - We promote intercultural competence. Successful communication is essential and we encourage our representatives to make use of their creativity and their potential for common success.

Professionalism - We practice an open and trusting dialogue within our company and with our clients and business partners. We act in accordance with our words and values.

Team Work - Mutuality that is maintained through open and transparent communication. We will treat all team members and clients with fair and equal respect.