How It Works

How It Works

Katapy in three simple steps:
Upload Manage Stream

The Katapy Video Cloud allows you to upload your videos into a single or multiple archives with fully custom encoding options, and various customizable distribution models for streaming video to web, Roku, mobile and others. We support different monetization strategies by integrating into the Pigeon paywall and subscription management system. In a simplified component model, the Katapy platform provides functionalities to upload, manage and stream digital media as illustrated below.

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    Upload your files to the cloud securely and quickly. Using the web interface or our batch archive uploader, we will provide you with all the throughput you need. To get you started as quickly as possible, our expert team will assist with importing your existing metadata from your in-house archive to eliminate any unnecessary retyping of information. For elevated service levels, we can set you up with a dedicated server farm.

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    Manage your content from anywhere, anytime in the cloud. No hardware to buy or software to install. Enjoy enterprise-level security across the system with role-based permissions, encryption, redundant storage and more. Once the upload is completed, all video content will be automatically encoded and optimized to the latest delivery standards.

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    Stream media live and on-demand in high definition. Live and on-demand content delivery via HTTP- and RTMP-based adaptive streaming to a plethora of IP-based devices. Katapy allows you to setup various delivery models from your archive for video on-demand on the web, mobile apps, connected TV channels, and linear "TV-style" broadcasting, fully managed by the cloud-based broadcast scheduler component.

Katapy Platform

Katapy helps you manage your growing volume of video content in a centralized web archive and allows distribution to multiple venues, such as web, connected TV channels, mobile phone apps, television broadcasts and digital signage channels. Our media hosting services are very competitive and built to scale. There are different engagement models to get started quickly and expand later. For example, consider starting today with your own video library on the web and take it from there.

Katapy supports both, batch and online upload, of your video content and automatically encodes the media with an advanced encoding technology to deliver high-quality video to any viewer via legacy television, computer desktop or mobile device.

With the volume of organizations offering and users consuming media today, it is paramount to provide services that scale to support the immense growth of digital asset management, diverse encoding requirements, and delivery mechanisms. All Katapy products run on scalable, multi-nodal enterprise servers with full redundancy end-to-end.