Why Katapy?

Why Katapy?

Upload Once. Simulcast Everywhere. 24/7/365.

Katapy's channel everywhere platform enables you to quickly create secure branded digital media and TV channels with multiple revenue models and deep analytic insights.

All-In-One - Katapy is the only media distribution platform that covers all your video distribution needs in one place.

Customer Focus - Katapy is commited to excellence with outstanding customer service. Our staff truly focuses on your needs.

What makes us different?

  • Superior Quality - We deliver the best possible user experience for your apps and channels.
  • Flexibility - Multi-channel, multi-library, multi-user, multi-device, multi-lingual support
  • Cross-Platform - Cross-platform customer management and monetization support
  • Continous Innovation - We create distribution capabilities in line with current trends for open platforms & multi-screen usage patterns

Tailored Solutions

  • Automated video onboarding
  • Custom encoding/transcoding
  • Distribution to any screen

Commitment to Success

  • Cloud or distributed deployment
  • Ad, subscription, metered, PPV
  • Dedicated support team

You can now get what companies like Netflix, HULU and Amazon Prime paid Millions and Millions of dollars for at a fraction of the cost.

Proven Technology

The Katapy platform is currently used by over 200 customers worldwide, and is consistently growing. Our media channels stream high-value content in over 200 countries to over 100 million viewers, including satellite transmissions to linear broadcast channels.

Quality & Security

Using the latest encoding and streaming technologies, we deliver a superior streaming experience with higher quality, faster load times, less buffering and more security. Katapy autodetects a wide range of devices and perfectly optimizes the video playout.

We Win When You Win

More than just a video broadcasting system, we work with you every step of the way to ensure a successful implementation of your online video strategy. Our services include multi-channel value assessments, architecture support, training, app development and more.