Live Capture, Edit, and Deliver via Katapy, eMAM, Telestream, and ScaleLogic

Katapy and our partners from Empress eMAM, Telestream, and Scale Logic showcase how to capture a live stream, push the stream in real time to both the Katapy Platform for broadcasting to web, mobile, OTT, satellite / cable head-ends, and also provide real time edits to the event that in parallel are published to the Katapy Plaatform for VOD viewing.

The workflow to manage this live capture, edit, and deliver was as follows:  The live stream was ingested into the Telestream Lightspeed Live appliance where it was simultaniously pushed via the Lightspeed Live Stream to the Katapy platform where it was transcoded and delivered to the consumers on all devices, while the Lightspeed Live Capture also pushed the live streaming video file into the Scale Logic Synergy server with Hyper/fs, vantage, adobe premier, and eMAM providing storage, edit, and automated packaging of the video assets to the Katapy Edgecoder Appliance for processing into the Katapy Platform where after ingestion, all VOD clips were made available to the consumers on all devices.

Thanks to our co-presenters:

eMAM - Chuck Buelow - V.P. of Business Development

Scale Logic - Ray Thompson - V.P. of Business Development

Telestrean - Bill Harris - Product Manager

Check back soon to hear how our team will be presenting this same packaged solution at NAB 2017 in Las Vegas.