Living Sent Ministries

Responsive Ministry Website - We designed and implemented a professional and highly modern responsive ministry video website with the Katapy Video Cloud. We also streamlined and improved their online giving / donation process and member portal. The goal was to create a new dynamic website with professional and inspirational appeal, representative of their new branding with the image of Christ at the center of things. The website renders beautifully on any device and streams video in great quality.

Living Sent Ministries is located in Tennessee and is sharing their purpose, core principles and statement of faith on their website. They required a video enabled platform to upload video segments from their Christian faith inspired meetings, inspiring speeches and teachings by local leaders on how to apply your Christian faith in your day to day business environment to “Build His Kingdom”.

The Katapy development team also built a member portal to share instrumental teaching documents for their CEGs (Christian Executive Groups). They are continuously extending the ministry, which can be augmented effectively with web based communication and sharing features. The website allows user comments; is search engine optimized for every piece of media and allows simple social media sharing. In addition, an integrated newsletter signup process and website news update segment allows new and existing believers to connect and stay current on events and prayers.

Through the implementation of efficient search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, a lot of the local business leaders appear as LSM leaders on popular search engines way before appearing under their own companies’ website search result listing(s).

President: "[Katapy] has helped us greatly in our quest to expand our ministry to different locations with the goal to inspire and equip professional leaders."