How to Monetize your Video Content

If you have high-value content, you should consider carefully how to monetize it. There could be a lot of profit waiting to be made. However, there is no single method that works for any business, it all depends on many factors such as the quality of your content, supply and demand, target audience etc.

  • Subscription / Paywall
    Users subscribe to your membership site for a monthly or annual fee and receive access to all content until their subscription runs out.  When you use this model, you don't generally use advertising. Once members have paid their fee, they have free access to all content in their membership level.
  • Transaction / Pay-Per-View
    Individual pieces of content, such as training programs, audio or video downloads, or special reports, are sold separately. Customers may purchase as much or little as they need, when they need it. With this model, you can upsell repeat customers with a VIP membership level that provides lifetime access to all products, past and future.
  • Metered
    Content is free until a user reaches a certain threshold, such as number of videos or articles viewed, or based on the amount of time spent on your site. Newspapers have been experimenting with this model and are finding that it works well. This model allows free access to low-volume users, which can be a good strategy. It allows them time to consume some of your content before deciding to pay for full access.
  • Custom Mix
    Membership sites ask users to create an account and pay a membership fee before they can access certain pages of the website. You can set it up in one of three ways:
          All or most of your content is behind a paywall.
          A certain number of pages or paragraphs are free, but full access to the content requires membership.
          A combination of free and paid content.
  • Advertising
    Generate revenues through digital advertising. Our expert team can consult you with your best options to maximise your ad income. Add pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll ads to your video content. Control the type and length of ads that are being displayed. Make top dollar by placing specific ads on high value content. Sell ad spaces based on the target audience that you address with your content.

With Katapy, you can integrate different monetization strategies into your own fully branded media channel. If you are interested in discussing your options, please contact us and we will arrange for a meeting with one of our consultants.