Off to the Cloud

Many companies used to be overwhelmed by the “cloud”, but this is changing rapidly due to the increased service levels and cost savings along with many more benefits. By strategically utilizing the cloud to support your business, you delegate business services to reliable experts, so you can focus on your own business and even create new business services, as well as new sources of revenue utilizing cloud services.

  • Flexibility
    Scale up and down to meet your media broadcasting requirements. In today’s economy, this flexibility is key. You can adjust your IT expenditures to meet your organization’s immediate needs. You no longer have to build for the future, or be constrained by decisions made or contracts signed in the past.
  • Security
    Rest assured that your data in the Miracle Media cloud archive is much more secure than what lives on a tower under your desk or in your small unsecured server room.
  • Capacity
    In the past, you had to spend a lot of your IT budget on human resources to manage your software. With Miracle Media cloud dedicated servers, that’s no longer an issue. Now, you can focus on how Katapy will help you further your mission. The IT piece belongs to somebody else.
  • Cost
    Using our cloud technology reduces your maintenance fees. No more servers, software, and update fees. Many of the hidden costs typically associated with software implementation, customization, hardware, maintenance, and training are rolled into our transparent subscription fees.

Katapy utilizes internet standards and web services which allow you to connect services to each other. This means that you can centralize media and digital assets and access them from anywhere in the world, on any computer or mobile device, at any time.