Grow Your Audience

If you create it, will they come? The good news is that a lot of measures can be taken to maximize one's reach. Katapy comes with built-in tools for SEO and social media sharing that will assist you in some of the steps. However this does not replace a well-thought-out content marketing plan.


Steps for Growing your Audience:

  • Optimized Video SEO – Make sure that your audience can find your content on Google and other search engines on the web.
  • Integrated Platform Searches - Make sure your audience can find your content on Roku search or other outlets that you chose for your premium content.
  • Email Marketing - The biggest asset of content marketing is your email list. Try to build a group of followers and stay connected to them by sending newsletters.
  • Online Marketing – Blog about your content, or encourage others to blog about it. Use custom domain names for your blogs to match relevant search criteria and further optimize SEO.
  • Cross-Linking - Join Multi Channel Networks with shared SEO for cross pollination of viewership.
  • Competitive Pricing – Subscription fees that are too high will deter your audience.
  • SSM (Social Media Marketing) – Promote your content on social media.
  • Active Social Outreach – Request your audience to like you on Facebook, friend you on Facebook, or post a comment and let them win credits for live streaming events or access to premium content.
  • Push Notifications on Mobile Apps – Keep your audience up-to-date with new events, program changes or content acquisitions. Promote social sharing of your news.