Video Signage FLINT

Video Signage FLINT

Publish your video playlists to your digitial signage devices

Katapy Video Signage delivers location-based video content to your digital screen.

At affordable monthly rates, you can build your own location-based media channels and deliver video-based information to specific audiences directly from the cloud.

Katapy pushes your target video content to small affordable appliances that directly connect to your flatscreen TV via USB or HDMI port over a Wifi or Ethernet network connection.


We offer a broad range of video onboarding services, including our encoding appliance, Edgecoder.


Katapy's encoding and transcoding engines adapt automatically to your delivery requirements.


Manage your media archive securely in the cloud, crafting pervasive distribution across devices.


Distribute your video content to your appliances for cost effective playout.

Communicate more effectively with video and stand out from your competition
  • Upload your videos to the Katapy Video Cloud and manage your playlist for your custom video signage app.
  • Keep your audience informed with announcements, news and weather forecast with dynamic backgrounds and info widgets.
  • The content gets synchronized with all registered devices at preset intervals.

We provide innovative and reliable video signage solutions.

Information Display

Share local news, logistics, event information, timetables, meal plans, birthday announcements and more. Create, manage and deliver messages, media and alerts to displays and smartphones.


Improve your brand image by displaying your most important company brand information in strategic places, such as your office, tradeshows, marketing events or networking meetings.


Advertise your own company, your business partners or clients in places that can reach your target audience including clubs, restaurants, conference centers or shared office locations.

Interactive Signage

Let your clients explore details about products and services, let students learn about opportunities or local displays and let attendees navigate details about event sessions, speakers or local artists.

Every industry can benefit from video signage. Use it to advertise your company or your business partners, to keep employees or customers motivated about goals and/or informed about event logistics, or attract future clients with current specials and promotions.

Churches & Ministries

Present scriptures, prayers and songs to your congregation. Motivate board members on achiving internal goals.


Engage your viewers hyper-locally with relevant content. Create advertising reels and stream them in a continuous linear fashion to strategic locations.


Use new or existing digital signage devices in your club as well as stream to local TV channels to air creative content at fixed times throughout the week and expect members to watch faithfully.

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