Live Video Streaming OAKLAND

Live Video Streaming OAKLAND

Broadcast your live streaming events to any device and any platform in best possible quality

Schedule and broadcast your live streaming events to larger audiences and in better quality.

Our full adaptive streaming technology creates multiple streams at different bitrates so that the best possible experience can be delivered to any device.

Our live stream distributor lets you simulcast your live stream to multiple targets including your website, mobile apps, connected TV channels, Facebook Live, Youtube Live and more.


Katapy's live streaming setup is simple from encoding to embedment into sites and apps.


Katapy's streaming servers distribute multiple streams based on your delivery requirements.


Automatically activate and deactivate your live feed to ensure optimal user experience.


Stream your live video feeds reliably across any device to unlimited viewers.

Simulcast Everywhere
  • Responsive and adaptive video streaming to the web, mobile devices and connected TVs
  • Stream live content in HD to unlimited viewers
  • Setup your TV-style channels in HD or SD via our Broadcast scheduler
Mobile Productions

We support your multi-camera, multi-angle mobile productions wirelessly

Live Streaming Without a PC

Katapy enables you to broadcast live HD video directly to the Web without a PC.

We integrate with mobile video encoders that directly connect to your camera.

Go Live Anywhere Cable-Free

Stream confidently over dual band WiFi, Ethernet, or via a single 3G/4G tethering.

Stream at resolutions up to 4K (1080p, 720p, and SD 480p also supported).

Before the event ...

Get your audience ready by displaying automatic event countdowns and entertain them with a selection of video previews from your Katapy VOD archive.

Your production crew can assure video and audio quality before the event starts, so that the event can kick off with a reliable video stream from the beginning.

During the event ...

Create live clips from your event in real time from anywhere via the Katapy Live Sub-Clip solution.

Publish your clips anywhere, instantly. Promote your live event in real time on social media. Automatic recording of your live event.

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