Hosting & CDN

Hosting & CDN

Our enterprise infrastructure ensures elevated service levels to exceed today's standards for media management & delivery

Katapy's cloud ecosystem is highly secured and fully redundant.

  • We route traffic via global 3rd party CDNs to deliver higher availability with a global presence.
  • With our primary CDN partners Level 3, Verizon & Highwinds, we cache video in over 100 datacenter locations worldwide.

We take your security needs very seriously, and continuously work on keeping our security architecture to the latest standards to protect your media.

Multi-Tier Security Architecture

We design and implement fully branded video websites that render and stream video perfectly on any device.

Protected Multi-Protocol Streaming

Real-time streaming via HLS and RTMP prevents unauthorized downloads.

DRM & Geo-Restriction Support

Our tailored security implementation will fit your business.

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