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Re-Think Digital Media Distribution

Publish & Monetize Your Video Content

On All Devices using a Single Interface

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Embrace the New Digital Age

Go Direct-To-Consumer

With Your Own Branded

Digital Media Streaming Service

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Cross-Platform Distribution Simplified

Automated On-Boarding of Videos & Metadata

Directly from Your Digital Workflow System

Re-Think Digital Media Distribution

Create your own simple & convenient digital streaming media service.

Video On-Demand (VOD), Live, Live Linear (24/7 Programming), and Live Event-Based Media Distribution

Engage your audience with new cutting-edge video channels and apps on their computers, tablets, mobile phones, OTT devices and smart TVs. Get started with your own digital streaming media service powered by Katapy. We build custom branded apps and channels to your specification.

Your Audience is Ready! Are You?

The days of having to tune in live or buy expensive discs in order to watch your favorite shows and movies are gone.

With Katapy, you can let your digital audience watch your video content on their own time, and on any device they choose, while keeping full control over your content selection, your consumer engagement, monetization strategy, and your analytics.

Help your audience get the most out of your content on their smart TV, OTT device, tablet, smartphone or computer with your own digital streaming media service powered by Katapy.
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Our developers will set you up in record speed with your own fully branded premium video channels and apps for all platforms.
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Our mission is to help you get your content online fast, to deliver the best possible user experience to your subscribers, and to remove the struggle of dealing with new technology.

Join Our Satisfied Customers

Darry C.

Program Director

"Guys, you are fantastic! We no longer have to upload our video content into multiple places. This is saving us so much time…"

Erika M.

University Professor

"We compared Katapy to other OVP solutions, and by far your solution was faster, easier to use, and fit perfectly into our educational environment…"

Myron N.

Hollywood Producer

"At first I didn't believe any company could bridge the gap from traditional broadcasting to the new direct-to-consumer model. Knowing the industry, there is no other company out there that can do what you do."

Jerry M.

Ministry Leader

"You have taken our Ministry beyond our dreams, we are now able to expand to multiple locations and reach a much broader audience…"

Pat E.


"You guys are awesome. Streaming to your cloud is so much easier than I expected, everything just works. I've used other streaming services, but you are the best…"

Peter L.

Film Maker

"Finally, we can take control of our content and let our fans subscribe directly to our brand new streaming service, thanks to Katapy…"

Mike D.

Video Distributor

"We tried other technology companies before. They said they could do what you guys do … they were very wrong."

Kent S.


"With you, we were able to produce better live streaming events for even larger audiences and our revenues grew even faster than we projected…"

What's New:

Katapy has released its next generation of video widgets.  Our fully custom widgets are accessible from within your library and make it as simple as a few clicks to create custom embed scripts that you can copy into your website.  Then just update th...

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Katapy and our partners from Empress eMAM, Telestream, and Scale Logic showcase how to capture a live stream, push the stream in real time to both the Katapy Platform for broadcasting to web, mobile, OTT, satellite / cable head-ends, and also provide...

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