About Why Katapy?

One Stop Shop - For Content Owners

Katapy’s Value Proposition is that it is a “One Stop Shop” for content owners, networks, and distributors around the globe. Rather than having to create a mix of multiple vendors to enable content transcoding, storage, management, monetization, and delivery, Katapy offers all under one simple to use solution

Katapy Platform 9 (P9) - Our P9 offering enables an automated model for Katapy to market its services to customers. This unique offering can be white-labeled for you to effectively offer all the Katapy solution capabilities under your brand to your customers. For example: A large multi-national network has a requirement to offer each of its affiliates their own channel under a corporate network. The multi-national has their own branded CMS from Katapy that then offers their affiliates the ability to manage their own channels, share content, and publish/monetize content while simultaneously offering the network the ability to cross pollinate viewership between each affiliate. All with their brand and their network managed as one. Katapy currently utilizes this offering itself to onboard new customers instantly and have them as part of our KatapyTV platform

Katapy Control Center – This intuitive web-based Content Management System (CMS) provides a dashboard into all the aspects of the solution that a customer has selected

Katapy Transcode/Encoding – Our advanced hyper-scalable transcoding/encoding farm offers the latest in media onboarding and adaptation to the desired delivery format for our customers. With the ability to onboard in batch or via our CMS, our customers have full flexibility to integrate into their current media workflow and adding Katapy’s management, distribution, and monetization

Katapy Channel Curation – Within the Katapy CMS, our customers curate their channels via our “Page-Builder” which offers a highly flexible, drag-n-drop, model for curating content across a single channel or network once for all platforms

Katapy Linear – Programming your 24/7 broadcast channels has never been easier. Katapy’s solution offers full horizontal programming for tape to live and live with the only cloud-based solution offering zero-PCR fluctuations on delivery, therefore creating broadcast channels that are capable of being syndicated on Cable, Satellite, OTA and any other platform in today’s digital distribution world. Couple this with the ability for Katapy to ingest an existing linear TV channel and replace the advertising markers thus increasing channel revenue with hyper-local advertising in the digital platform space

Katapy Live – Live broadcasting is as simple as creating an event in the Katapy CMS and configuring your camera / encoder to point to our environment. With Katapy Live you can inject live advertising or PPV/Subscriptions for additional monetization. And with our automated DVR offering, all live events are recorded and made available for on-demand viewing shortly after the event ends

Katapy Sub-Clip – Creating live clips in real time against a live or linear channel is inherent to the Katapy platform. This offers our customers the ability to rewind a live channel and build clips in real time, pushing them to their channels / social media, or even leveraged as part of a in instant Push Notification to all their customers drawing higher interactions with their channel content

Katapy Push Notifications – Offers the ability to each all mobile and web users of your platform with instant or scheduled notifications that increase stickiness to your channel and increases revenue from advertising and/or other monetization strategies

Katapy Reporting – Our reporting engine offers custom reporting of all aspects of our channels / networks to our customers. Reports can be customized to our specific client needs. This coupled with our standard viewership dashboard providing real time insights into your viewership and content trends


Whether you are looking for a fast way to get your content live and monetized, or a fully custom solution that leverages the features of Katapy in your own way, we are here to make this happen. We have crafted hundreds of custom solutions for our customers, from video based group learning, to intagration of HD video delivery with video conferencing, we are here for you

Let your creativity be our plan for partnership. Our creative solutions with solid strategies, user-friendly designs, and powerful technologies are tailored to fit each of our client's specific needs, all while providing superior quality and flexibility. We are constantly innovating, so we'll never let you down

What makes us different?

Flexible Content Migration

Worried about moving to a new OVP, we have your back. Migration via MRSS, watch-folders, batch uploads, etc. has never been simpler. We even onboard your metadata and automatically catagorize your content just how you want it


Curate once, deliver everywhere. Drag and Drop your content to market your content on all platforms. Make it simple for customers to find what they want with our extensive metadata management and dynamic cross referencing of your content


Program your content infront or behind the paywall, offer previews, free episodes, bundles, subscriptions, pay-per-view, or leverage advertising as your monetization model. Mix it up, do all, or none, its all up to you

Content Delivery

Katapy's solution simply delivers your content whereever you want it. Web, mobile, OTT, CTV, cable TV, satellite TV, syndication, you choose, we distribute. Your content, your way, where your customers want it

Design Flexibility

On-stop-shop for all your app design, development, and management needs. Our team of app developers will build you the solution you want your customers to see

Keep it Simple

With Katapy, we remove the complex technical jargon and deliver, we ensure your journey to market your content is fast, simple, and high quality

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