About Our Company

Katapy, founded on the premise of disrupting the normal

Katapy's founders, Monika Spiller and Stuart Bishop, together have over 50 years of technology experience managing and delivering the technologies you use every day. They have been worked in media and entertainment, aerospace, automotive, banking, telecommunications, insurance, service after sales, and government projects in both executive leadership and enterprise design/delivery roles. Both have worked extensively in the USA, Europe, and the Middle East during their careers

Our founders are always looking for new concepts and technologies that removes the complexity of your requirements, while providing the most advanced capabilities in the media industry today. Everything from cloud based sub-clipping, to linear stream adaptation for increased revenue on digital redistribution with hyper local advertising. We believe in extensive ongoing research and development to keep our Katapy platform ahead of any other in the market, and our customers see and admire this

Katapy is 100% owned and operated as a USA company, our servers are all hosted in our datacenters, managed by our team, and therefore assure no voice can be qwelled by the large cloud service providers our competitors often use

With Katapy, your voice is heard, your way, on your apps, with your brand, and therefore, ensures growth of your audience through quality and innovation

Company Bio

Katapy is an all-in-one platform that encompasses the entire workflow of media management, curation, monetization, delivery, and syndication. Our Platform9 (P9) offering enables large enterprise customers to leverage all the power of Katapy under their brand. There is no capital expenditure required to have the most advanced media management solution as part of your brand, and our customers love it

Katapy delivers the best possible media experience for your customers while making the process of getting your video content ready as easy as possible for you. With Katapy, you can offer your customers a similar experience to what the major apps offer, whether you want a look like Netflix, or a fully custom solution, we make it happen for you, coupled with an extensive end-to-end onboarding, curation, and delivery process, simplifing your digital distribution workflow, nothing could be easier than working with us. Katapy can be fully integrated with your existing media workflow, MAM, or custom archive system, offering both live and stored media workflows from camera/editor to consumer, on all screens. Katapy is unique in its ability to offer an all-inclusive media distribution solution to any company with an unparalleled quality of service that was not achievable before, without years of custom development and outrageous budget

Your audience is ready! Are you? Get started today with your own branded & monetizable digital streaming media service today, with Katapy

Our History

2007-2011 - Katapy's Multi-Channel Video Distribution Platform (MVDP) started in 2007 as a generic Online Video Platform (OVP) for any enterprise.

2011-2015 - In 2011, the platform was branded as Miracle Media TV targeting mainly Christian broadcasters globally.

2015 - Rebranded to Katapy in 2015, the platform has grown into a holistic cloud based broadcaster platform with global reach.

2017 - Katapy launches, Katapy Pay, our payment gateway with a single view of your subscribers across all 3rd party payment gateways.

2019 - Dynamic advertising solution (SSAI) enabling hyper local advertising on a global basis.

2019 - Katapy launches Platform9, an end-to-end solution for organizations to build their own network of customers and subscribers, with automated channel creation and monetization options.

2020 - Katapy launches "Live sub-clip" enabling customers to create clips in real time from live channels.

2021 - Katapy merges video conferencing with HD video delivery providing virtual live or VOD events bi-directional virtual video attendance.

2021 - Katapy adds schedule based DVR capabilities for all live channels.

2022 - Katapy launches KatapyTV an automated solution for content owners have their own channel in seconds.

Katapy is commited to excellence, from our outstanding customer service and customer focus to our highly scalable and reliable video distribution platform, our staff truly focuses on your needs.

Company Values

Customers For Life - Our customers will distinguish Katapy as their best present and future OVP solution and service provider.

Accountability - Katapy's daily activities are aligned with achieving results, we set clear expectations within our direct and extended team and follow through with our promises.

Consistency - Our clients can be assured of fair and consistent service and pricing. Katapy is committed to policies that ensure equality for all our clients.

Innovation - We will embrace new and better technologies as they become available. We will welcome change as an opportunity. The status quo can be challenged.

Global Vision - We promote intercultural competence. Successful communication is essential and we encourage our representatives to make use of their creativity and their potential for common success.

Professionalism - We practice an open and trusting dialogue within our company and with our clients and business partners. We act in accordance with our words and values.

Team Work - Mutuality that is maintained through open and transparent communication. We will treat all team members and clients with fair and equal respect.