Katapy offers elevated service levels, dedicated capacity and a superior level of control and security

Keep Control: Dedicated Servers

  • Streaming Servers — Never Be Impacted by Bandwidth Hogs

    Ensure that your streaming capacity will never be impacted by other clients' high bandwidth streaming events.

  • Encoding Servers with Edgecoder™ — Never Be Delayed

    Your content gets encoded immediately without any possible delays from other clients' onboarding activities.

  • Upload Servers — Faster Downloads

    Enjoy faster uploads especially when you are transferring multiple large files concurrently.

  • Broadcast Transcoders — Continuous Delivery

    Deliver continuous linear programming to your satellite or cable headends as well as your website or OTT channel.

  • Storage Area Network — Maximize Your Needs

    Maximize read/write capacity for your encoding and streaming needs. Keep it in the farm, or link to a remote archive.

Get your own dedicated broadcaster-grade virtualized server farm with the distributed Katapy platform in the cloud.

  • Keep your high value content in-house
  • Keep tight governance over the broadcasting technology that runs your business
  • Keep hackers and viruses out with the most secure platform currently available

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